In the heart of the international drone ecosystem, Access Drones is an objective and neutral stakeholder.

Access Drones guides professionals in their careers and carries out intermediation missions so that the industry’s different stakeholders can get closer and work together. Our aim is to respond quickly and precisely to the needs of clients who are increasingly concerned by this universe: companies, communities, universities…

OFFER YOURSELF a source of innovation


Access Drones masters all the links in the chain (project, training, coaching) and is an essential resource for successfully integrating drones in all professional activities. For professionals from all horizons, we provide the necessary complement to innovate, become more competitive and therefore develop more quickly. Our overall vision of the competitive and technological landscape is an open door towards new opportunities.

Access Drones provides intermediation:

This consists in creating synergies among the drone ecosystem stakeholders by taking a proactive approach and offering professionals a suitable technological solution. Subsequently, a strategic, technological and legislative watch is necessary so that the solution remains relevant on a daily basis. Access Drones therefore ensures the coordination of the entire implementation chain:

  • Source of knowledge: Depending on the profession, finding the expert or structure which is likely to complement the required knowledge. Access Drones detects resources and adapts them to deliver a tailor-made solution.
  • Source of expertise: If a solution to a specific request already exists, Access Drones will make it compatible for a tailored implementation.
  • Source of optimization: With its training programs, Access Drones gives clients the keys to develop their activities thanks to the controlled use of drones.


Implementing drone technologies is a complex task and companies or communities must make informed decisions. At every stage of the project, Access Drones aims for simplification, safety and effectiveness:


  1. ANTICIPATION: help professionals to determine if they can implement drones in their business process and then analyze their needs and constraints.
  2. SETTING UP: guide clients in their choice of technologies: type of vector, type of drone, which sensor to use, choice of software, data processing…
  3. REALIZATION: Training on piloting, legislation, implementation and analysis procedures as well as data processing .


  • Search for experts and service providers, knowledge development, technical and legal solution update.
  • Selection of relevant experts, specifications and gathering of proposals.
  • Analysis of solutions and deployment.
  • Training on legislation, data processing and remote pilot devices for operators who deal with procedures, transport and storage.
  • Establishment of maintenance contracts, technological and legal watch and insurance.
  • Administrative support: declaration of activity, development, prefectural declaration, activity protocols, approvals, insurance… depending on the legislation in force in the country of intervention.


A very strict framework

The fast-growing development of technology and a high level of complexity place the use of drones in an expert and regulated context. Moreover, professional activities with pilotless aircraft* have to be done within a very strict framework and those who do not comply with regulations are likely to be prosecuted.

*(Drone or UAV for unmanned aerial vehicle or RPS for remotely piloted system)

Mandatory training and support

Professional drones must therefore be used only by qualified people who have followed a specific training course provided by Access Drones. Once the technical aspects have been mastered, the optimized investment in a drone also depends on a use strategy which is geared toward competitive benefits. The implementation of this strategy requires skills and knowledge along with expert guidance.




A new working tool to simplify, secure, accelerate and open new fields of application for professionals of all sectors.

An independence of expertise with respect to the ecosystem. (Access Drones does not manufacture equipment, does not publish software and does not sell services).

An expertise for safe solutions in compliance with the legislation.

An e-AFAQ certified Professional Training Organization by AFNOR Certification.